ICBIY History
ICBIY History

partners in success

Franchisees receive assistance with design and layout of stores, and construction, where necessary. In addition, professional training programs help the franchisee operate his store up to the System's standards, so that each outlet reflects well on the ICBIY System. Locations are carefully monitored and supported, with numerous programs in place to maximize sales and profits - not just at the grand opening but long after the business has been launched. The Head Office's in-house franchisee services include real estate, marketing, construction and operational assistance. New in-store merchandising materials are developed by the finest creative marketers in the foodservice business, as are techniques for demonstrating to the consumer that they are receiving the freshest, first quality ingredients.

In addition, a very active R&D department is committed to developing innovative new products prompting customers to return again and again - keeping ICBIY ahead of the competition, constantly refreshing the business with new flavors.

Human motivation, a desire to work and succeed is what makes the ICBIY difference. Specifically, we seek people who are highly motivated, self-starters with a sense of responsibility and determination necessary to lead a business. Start with a good site and a dedicated franchisee, apply the ICBIY System, back it up with Head Office support and you get success! Our franchisees are fully involved operating partners - people who are on-premise and help to ensure cleanliness, customer satisfaction and a well run operation all year round.

ICBIY History
ICBIY History

What we offer

Brand Recognition

Strong history touted as the original inventor of the Fat-Free and Non-Fat Sugar-Free frozen yogurt line, is viewed as a pioneer and leader in the frozen yogurt retail category throughout the U.S.

ICBIY's is positioned in the marketplace as a healthy and nutritional product, capturing a broad segment of today's health conscious consumer.


  • New product roll-out posters
  • Promotional banners and table tent cards
  • Opportunity to tie into on-going P.O.P. advertising programs
  • "Grand Opening" advertising in your area


  • In store site selection and consultation with ICBIY's staff
  • Floor plan and layout consultation with ICBIY's staff
  • Initial start-up training support
  • Manuals for unit operators
  • On-going Head Office support

Cost Saving Products

  • National chain purchasing power
  • Simplified distribution network

Capital Cost

  • Lower capital cost through national purchasing
  • Leasing financing program available

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